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I don't draw for your approval. I create because I enjoy it. Art is a means of expression. Hence why it varries across all types of medias. If someone dislikes my style. That is fine. You are entitled to your own opinion. I personally think Warhol and Pollack are for the birds and that Van Gogh is... >> INSANE! He is my obsession. So... yeah

Originally I was more. HEY! I HOPE YOU LIKE ME! But honestly, with that approach and attempt to reach out. Got me pricks trying to get me to draw their fettish because my style has curvy girls. People telling me I am a waste of space because I draw how I do. People saying I should stop experimenting and just do one style... SO!. Here is me saying. If you like my stuff. Feel free to talk to me. I love hearing new ideas. Just... don't be rude or try to trick me. Thanks...
>> SO! My main computer has a super shitty internet link... So even though I have a scanner and its all nice... -.- Its hooked up to the desktop... Then you may ask why don't I just pull it out and hook it up to the laptop if I will never use the desktop? It has like 9 tiewraps. Ask John I don't know. Man loves tiewraps. So it involves huddling under my desk and trying tot cut off 9 tiewraps. >< But I don't really want to take pictures of my finished products... because I feel it doesn't do them justice... SO! We shall see.

Anyway... other news other news... >> Honestly wanted to do pin ups of all the bad guys in the BG series... started as drawing Carla and Rose and was like ERMAHGERD! But... how the fuck does one draw male pin ups... See this is why I don't objectify men as much as I do women ^^; I like guys... just don't get all jittery at the thought of a guy posing in a mankini. I will drool for a man in a suit... a button-down and jeans. NOM! >> But thats just... seeing them its not like he is flexing... or any shit. I find that... kind of tacky. SO HOW DO I DRAW THAT! And ps looking up anything on Deviantart for hints is a terrible idea because 90% is porn. -.- Plus... one of the guys is bony. And if you look up scrawny guys. You get all sorts of like scrawny guy fettishists and its like REALLY?! I am working on understanding bodies. Male torsos. Less bulked with muscle... But no. -.- I tried one just freehand but no. DISLIKED. sigh

Also... still working on poor Hemlock2009's character sketch. >> Its more clothes than I've drawn on someone in a while. Which sounds weird but clothes are kind of my nemesis. Some people are good at drawing folds in fabric. I never payed any attention to that. When doodling I draw the naked body. Not even in detail just with no bulk, folds... its just a doodle so I find it intimidating. >> So I hope she knows I actually have been working with it. Just don't want to fuck it up -.- and my hands hate me. >< Glad I haven't gotten hate mail

LASTLY! Talk of doing other tutorials. Its true. Several people. I am pretty sure the people who were not looking at the boob tutorial for tutorialness... asked I do... other bits. -.- And honestly that was what I was going to do. People do faces, eyes, lips... and I mean most people have a face, lips or eyes. So even if theres is a little different... You can get an idea. Butts. Female butts and male butts actually tend to look different. I think bubble butts are an exception... >> Dunno never compared now I think of it. ANYWAY! The problem being. I am busty. >> Absurdly so... but don't have a badonkadonk. Why I am mentioning this is. People understand less when things get bigger. If you understand the human skeleton or even have dolls. You get an idea for smaller sizes. But big boobs or butts. Where do you look? I may try looking up different pictures of other people... to try and give range because honestly big butts have variety. Are the butts big because the gal has wide hips but her butt is flat? Does she just put her weight on the bottom half which would mean she also would posess thicker thighs... Does she have a bubble butt? Is she an athlete?! The ass is actually a huge muscle. Not that all girls have it developed as muscle mass but for those people arguing super heroine bums. Actually considering their athletic level a badonkadonk is likely. Look at a nike go girls add. There are a bunch. ANYWAY! I am playing with it... Any other tutorial suggestions NOT PERVERTED -.- Just genuine curiousity and I may try at that as well. I try explaining in multiple ways because everyone learns in different ways *head explodes*
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Paintandgraphite Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday! =)
A-thonX Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ermahgerd! Plz date me! ^_^ <3
WolverineDS Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
Sorry I missed your birthday, hope you had an awesome day.  As for your drawings, I rather like them.  I was reading your bio and I also went through all your art.  Artists are all talented in their own ways, so you can look at a picture and pretty much tell who drew it.  Your art has it's own flavor which I enjoy looking at.  

I did see your "shirtless" photo, I am so glad you are not one to post nudes just to get people to look at your art.  You do not need it.  You have talent.  I like your style.  As for the people who have been rude to you for your drawing styles, they are jealous because they do not have the potential you exude in your art.  Keep it up I will be watching for you.  
bloodtrinitypulse Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
happy birthday!
RTShields Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hope you're having a wonderful birthday. :)
hyperman95 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015
happy birthday!
ZeroLuigi74 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Saw your piece on female anatomy concerning breasts, found it rather informative and although I knew about most of it, I still thought it very helpful and a worthwhile contribution to the dA community, as I too, being a male, get sickened by the ridiculous art that's posted sometimes. Hope to see more like it if you already haven't posted more.

Also, your art is bloody wonderful.
invictus-inferno Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
nice gallery. I can actually see you improve from the beginning of your gallery, to most recent stuff. very awesome.
Rebekkah-Sohl Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Hey kiddo, how are they hanging?

Okay... totally not PC but, how else to rattle your cage and know you are still alive and kicking' it?

Miss your sassy self and your artistic contributions.  Hope 'Life' isn't slowing you down with the typical BS.

Come back so we all can enjoy your wit, wisdom, and uber curvy self!  We miss you.
theelitegeek Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
You are a Goddess ^_^
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